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Working And Types Of Surge Protective Devices

Working And Types Of Surge Protective Devices

Are you concern about protecting your home appliances from surge? Surge protection device manufacturers suggest using Surge Protective Devices (SPD), which comprises consumer units, wiring, and accessories, known as transient overvoltage.

They can protect your home appliances from getting damaged or break due to high voltage or surge. They can save all the electrical instruments, including CPUs, TVs, washing machines, and safety circuits, as they have high-quality emergency light, which alters you when there is fire with the help of fire detection systems.

As the overvoltage transient, they can destroy electronic circuitry can be vulnerable. So, these devices are used to prevent surges and electrical shocks. These surges can have damage to the appliances or can cause instant power failure for a longer time. These surge protection devices come in various types depending upon the requirements as listed below:

Types of surges

There are three diverse kinds of Surge Protective Devices:

  • The first type is a Surge protective device installed at the origin, e.g., the main distribution board.
  • The second type is when it is installed at sub-distribution boards. If one and two classes are combined, they are used in the consumer unit.
  • The third type is close to the protected head and used as a supplement to Type 2 SPD.

The devices must ensure correct operations when multiple devices are installed to protect. Whoever installed them should confirm the compatibility and provide you accurate guidance before the installation.

Working of transient overvoltage and their use

When there is an unexpected release of energy induced by other means, the short duration of electricity surges occurs, known as Transient overvoltage. Transient overvoltage can be both either naturally occurring or human-made.

·        Human-made transients

Human-made transients occur when there is a switch between motors and transformers, besides some lighting types. It is used for industrial electrical protection, but now it is also used for domestic purposes. It is highly advanced with new technology incorporated into it, including electric vehicle charging, speed-controlled washing machines, and air or ground source heat pumps.

·        Natural transient

Natural transient overvoltage happens when there are indirect lightning strikes. Moreover, usually occurs due to an adjacent overhead power or telephone line, because of which transient overvoltage to travel along the lines. As a result, there will be significant damage to the electrical installation and associated equipment.

Is it necessary to have an SPD installation?

It is commonly used for industrial and domestic purposes, and people believe that it should be placed where there are power supply problems and overvoltage issues. They will ensure you’re your industry and home is protected from the consequence caused by overvoltage such as:

  • SPD can protect you from severe injury or loss of human life
  • It protects you from the interruption of public services and damage to cultural heritage.
  • It affects in interruption of commercial or industrial activity.
  • Disturb a large number of co-located individuals.
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