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Surge Protector: Working, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

Surge Protector: Working, Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

People use numerous electronic devices for daily purposes. Many of the devices require more electric supply depending upon their functioning. The generation of surge can be caused by thunder striking, electromagnetic noise generation, and grid switching. So, to protect your appliances, we required some voltage spike protection like surge protection.

Various surge protection device manufacturers produce Metal Oxide Varistor surge protection circuits to minimize the surges. This would help to balance the surge at your home and businesses. This article will highlight the working, advantages, and disadvantages of surge protection devices.

What is a Surge Protector?

Surge is basically a situation that usually occurs in the power and voltage supply because of a sudden change in the value. They are also known as voltage transients or voltage spikes. Moreover, the duration of these spikes are small but can cause huge damage to your circuit. So, to protect your appliances, these electronic devices are installed, and these types of devices are known as a surge protector.

Working of Surge Protector

These surge protectors protect your circuit as they cut off the power supply as soon as they identify any spike in power. This type of circuit has some common features, such as controller, unlatch or latch circuit, and voltage sensor.

  • The voltage sensor’s function is to monitor the voltage line.
  • The controller sense any variation or transient condition noticed.
  • The abrupt changes information is sent to the unlatch circuit from the controller.
  • The latch or unlatch circuit usually is used to disconnect and connect the voltage line.

Moreover, there is various type of surge protection circuit that clamps the voltage instead of cutting it. They used to notice transient behavior, and the energy is absorbed as the voltage is clamped. Mostly, these types of devices are called self-installed surge protection circuits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a surge protector

There are some advantage and disadvantages of a surge protector listed below:

  • The in-built circuit devices of surge protectors are secure from the spikes and surges.
  • They have easy and low maintenance.
  • Less cost for repairing and replacement of these devices.
  • The surge protection circuit can resist the spike to some level; after that, it may destroy the circuit.

Applications of surge protectors

A surge protector is installed for the protection of home appliances and business appliances, which are caused due to spike or transient behavior of the supply. They are used for various appliances like speakers, computers, refrigerators, television, router, and many more. You can install them anywhere you think there can be a spike in the circuit.

However, if you don’t use it carefully, it may catch fire or improper use of these protectors. So, it would be better if you were very careful while using them. They are very economical in areas with fluctuation problems or more prone to spikes and thunder striking.

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