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Surge Protection Device: How Do You Select Which Type Is Best For You?

Surge Protection Device: How Do You Select Which Type Is Best For You?

It is essential to select a suitable surge protection device for yourself.  Surge protection device supplier suggests a broad range of parameters that need to be considered before choosing one of yourself, including types of surge protection devices, circuit breaker arrangements, and risk assessment.

Let’s look at the different types of power surges and their importance, and why you need them in your daily life.

What are surge protection devices?

Surge Protective Devices (SPD) are devices that help to protect the electrical installation. It contains wiring, consumer unit, and accessories from electrical power surges known as transient overvoltages.

They are beneficial for protecting your expensive electronic equipment such as washing machines, refrigerators, computers, TV, and safety circuits by the fire detection system and emergency lighting. Appliances which have microelectronic circuit can easily be affected by the power surges and can be damage. So, these protection devices are installed to ensure that your machines are safe.

Do I need a surge protection device?

Surge protection device supplier suggests it if you live in a place where there are many power storage and voltage issues, you need to install these surges. They indicate emergency lightning when there is high voltage or fluctuation in the current. Also, they have a fire alarm indicating that your device may tend to get damaged or have the potential injury to people living in that area where the device is placed.

How do I select a surge protective device?

There are three rules of thumb for selecting surge protection devices.

  • Aware and get knowledge about the types or category, of SPDs.
  • Measure the risk of lightning strikes and discharge capacities.
  • Use devices to protect the surge devices themselves.

Types of the surge protection device

There are three diverse types of Surge Protective Devices:

  • Type 1 SPD installed at the main distribution board.
  • Type 2 SPD fitted at sub-distribution boards
  • Type 3 SPD installed close to the protected load.

What is a Type 1 surge device?

The Type 1 surge device is permanently connected to the mainboard or the origin of the power distribution. They are the substitute for secondary surge arrestors or lightning arrestors. Moreover, these devices have commercial-grade AC power protection for sensitive electronics.

Also, they have a clear and visible LED indicator that displays the protective status of the device. These devices are suitable for indoor and outdoor and provide a high level of protection.

Applications Include:

  • Loadcenters and Electrical Panels.
  • Farm and Irrigation Control.
  • Residential Service Entrances.
  • Control Cabinets.
  • Sump and Irrigation Pumps.
  • Individual Equipment
  • Outdoor Lighting.
  • Single and Three Phase Motors.
  • Other Electrical Assemblies.

What is a Type 2  and type 3 surge protection device?

The Type 2 SPD is the primary protection system that is beneficial for all low voltage electrical installations. It prevents the spread of overvoltages and protects the loads.

The Type 3 Receptacle surge protectors are cheap and easy to install. It contains a power strip, and it protects several devices but allows a single outlet among many low-power devices.

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